My name is Manuela. I have worked as a Graphic designer for over 10 years.

I would say it was a fantastic hobby rather then a profession, as it always  used to be my second and part-time job :-)

Anyway after all these years I have decided to put my beloved hobby in the foreground.


Meander solutions started at the beginning of 2015.


I have been interested in arts for many years, especially painting. I can hand draw pretty well. My passion to graphic design is a natural consequence of it.


My work is based on the understanding of my teams’ and clients’ needs. Building a project always means cooperation – I will not finish any project until it satisfies the requirements.


I am bringing with me good communication skills combined with intercultural sensitivity, respect for others and the ability to handle complex situations with tact and empathy.

Strong self-motivation, good organization, high efficiency both at  individual and team efforts  aligned with creativity and talents are my strong suit.


I work with Adobe suite in my projects.


In my portfolio I have logos, multimedia presentations, web pages,  brochures, calendars, letterhead and business cards. Book covers and posters for cultural events have a special place amongst my projects.




In the years 2000-2011 I worked as a Graphic Designer for PULS Agencja Kultury i Edukacji.

It was a part-time job, alongside my second profession.

Here is a list of selected projects which I created at that time:


- Multimedia presentation, web page and business cards for ZREMB Wroclaw (a truck trailers manufacturer)


- Branding visual suite for TORNN  (a fuel energy market supplier and manufacturer) including logo, web page, business cards, letterhead, brochures and advert leaflets.


- Web page, business cards, letterhead and brochures for KAM (a gas delivery solutions company)


- Full-size 6 page calendar for HYGEA (a pharmaceutical company)


- poster for International Conference Podzwonne dla granic (‘Death Knell for Borders’)


- poster and conference directory for International Conference Sen w literaturach słowiańskich (‘Dream in Slavonic Literatures’)


- book cover of Operatívna fonetika slovenčiny, češtiny a poľštiny


- book cover of conference proceeding book Podzwonne dla granic (‘Death Knell for Borders’).


I started Meander Solutions with the following projects:


- Poster 'Ukraine' for The International Day


- T-shirt/bag prints for the representation of Ukrainian Filology at The International Day


- Conference directory for International Conference Starość ('Elderness')



Recent projects